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Les: forest

The Les collection by Lesia Paramonova, designed to evoke the forest (‘les’ is ‘forest’ in Russian). The clothes not only embody the delicacy of woodland life, but Paramonova’s runway show of the collection in St Petersburg earlier this year involved the placement of mosses to add scent to her design vision. I love the applique work. Check out her tumblr – it’s heavenly. HF. Images from here.

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Studio Note

And to wrap this beautifully botanical week: the g,a,r,d,e,n 2012 ruler by Norihiko Terayama of Studio Note. Hand-picked herbs and wildflowers are suspended in acrylic, forming measurement notches and a little horizontal garden bed for your desk. Studio Note has previously produced a series of preserved flower artworks, titled Someone’s Atelier for Hotel Claska in Tokyo in 2009, images above. The hotel also has a shop/gallery where they stock the Studio’s work, so I’ll be making a pilgrimage when we head over there later in the year, yippee. HF. PS Thanks EJ/Sanpo for the tip-off!

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Plant journal

My week has been markedly improved by the knowledge of the existence of Plant Journal. Produced in Spain, the journal aims to bring disciplines together – literature, illustration, art, photography – through the medium of botany. Each issue has a specific plant as its theme – issue above is Monstera deliciosa. You can subscribe here. HF.

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Thierry Boutemy: update

I find that it’s very important to keep up with the latest Thierry Boutemy news. HF. Images: private event, June 2012; L’Officiel, Architectural Digest, all from the TB tumblr.

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Chris Kabel

Designer Chris Kabel’s beautiful Hidden Vases project, one that combined industrial design, horticulture and photography and was featured in Plant Journal. Kabel investigated the idea of invisible water sources for the flowers, and produced a limited range of vessels as a result. I think the styling and photography, care of Frank Bruggeman and Mathijs Labadie, clinch the project: the delicate use of stems and saturation of colour evoke hyperreal still life paintings, rather than photos.

Images: Hidden Vase research with Frank Bruggeman (flowers) and Mathijs Labadie  (photos), digital Prints, 40 / 57 cm. Hidden Vases, various objects, chromed stainless steel frames, sizes variable. All from here.

PS: more on Plant Journal – a Spanish biannual publication later this week. HF.

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RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Quiet Time

There is always one garden at Chelsea each year that speaks to me (via the internet) above the onslaught of perennials, water features and topiary. Last year it was the Diarmuid Gavin’s green & hot pink vision of Ireland, and this year it’s the Quiet Time: DMZ Forbidden garden, designed by Jihae Hwang.

Created to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Korean conflict, this garden makes use of the vast treasure trove of indigenous plants that have thrived in the almost pristine conditions in the sanctuary of the demilitarised zone (DMZ). The design highlights the tensions and lasting effects of the conflict.

The barbed wire fence surrounding the garden creates a feeling of mystery and unease. Carefully considered installations feature the remains of warfare, including defensive walls, trenches and charred trees. The fence is hung with cans and bottles containing letters from separated families and friends to illustrate the sense of longing felt by people kept apart by the conflict.

The watch tower reminds visitors of the surveillance of the DMZ and also provides an observation point for the garden. A memorial chair commemorates war veterans and victims. A stream flows through the garden, defying the barriers of human conflict and depicting the feelings of love and tension that the designer believes co-exist in the DMZ.

To me, this is whole point of gardens: to communicate traces of human existence and experience. I wish I was in London to see it in person, but I’ll settle for some quiet time with the images. HF.

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Bows and Arrows

A Monday aaaaaaah. Bows and Arrows is a Dallas, TX-based floral studio. Their Cinco de Mayo themed shoot (top three images) made them a must-post. The use of ink black succulents and violet anemones amongst all that pink and coral is clever clever. HF.


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